Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thinking of Alaska...

I have been thinking about Alaska alot lately. Seth and I are in the process of making a full length album. I often imagine how amazing it would be to just head up to Alaska for two weeks, head out to a cabin in the woods and record an album! Anyway, I thought in the spirit of Alaska themes, I would post some pics of the last time Trox and I went to Ketchikan in 2007...

Alot of the time we spent in K-Town was spent fishing out on Mountain Point on the south end of town. This used to be really boring to me when I was younger, but being there this last time, it was amazing. We caught quite a few fish as well, that spot has always been a bad ass fishing area.

One day a dog came out of nowhere and hung out with us for awhile. No one claimed the pup-pup, but it was a good dog.

One of the days a friend of the family, Gerald Byron, took us out on his boat to the North end of town, past Ketchikan into some islands where the fishing was suppose to be good. The day was amazing. The sun was out and it was warm. Anyone that has been to that area knows that when its a beautiful day there, it rivals any place in the world. The ten days we spent there it was nice weather the whole time. So here are a string of photos from that day:

We caught a whole bunch of fish that day, and it was really a fun time. I even drove the boat all around!

Just a few more awesome pictures Troxy took on the way out to the fishing...

One of my goals when we went there was to make sure Troxy got to shoot a gun. She had never done it before, and I felt that needed to change. What better way to start her off then the .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson:

The day was alot of fun. We wasted alot of ammo and felt satisfied. We ended the day after shooting rifles and pistols, with the shotgun. Here is a video of my Dad shooting...

On the day before we left we went up to Harriet Lake and took out two Kayaks my brother John Jr. was storing in Ketchikan. I feel we ended our trip on an awesome note. The day was so beautiful and we went around the whole lake trolling for trout with salmon egg bait we had cured a few days earlier. Trox was the most successful fisherman that day, but my Dad, Trox and I had a great time the whole afternoon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chess is hard!

A recent blog ( my friend, Seth, got me thinking about chess...So I did a search for a picture of chess, and this badboy came up:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let my garden grow!

Well we finally have our main garden section tilled and ready for plants! This is our first year gardening in the ground, so hopefully all will turn out for the best!

Erik Larsen pt.1

Scan of the first Savage Dragon, I got all of my small amount of Dragons signed, and all of his Amazing Spider-man run! A nerd's delight!

The amazing sketch that Erik did, we gave him a challenge, but he was more than up to the task:

Emerald City Comic Convention pt.1 (Erik pt.2)

I was a HUGE Erik Larsen fan when I was younger,
so it was a great experience to talk with him and share some good times.

Emerald City Comic Convention pt.2

Awesome costumes! Walked around alot and I should have gotten way more pictures of each one. The next time I go, I am making sure to bring the camera again... I might even make it a goal the next year to get every costumed star I can!

Emerald City Comic Convention pt.3

Pictures of Jake with some
of the cool looking costumes we saw.