Friday, April 30, 2010

Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

In our case, it is the chicken...more specifically, three chickens! We had been talking for quite awhile about getting a coop built and start having our own farm fresh eggs...Each year we move closer to our goal of self sustaining our own food supply. We thought a coop would be a great start in getting into farm animal food supplies. I had looked into goats, or rabbits, etc. and chickens are by far the easiest and best supply of food.
I also did quite a bit of research on coop designs. Trox and I both felt the one below fit our needs, style, and budget. The people who posted this coop design live near Seattle, so it should fit nicely here in Newberg.

There are a lot of added bonuses beyond the egg production, the biggest of all is helping to keep bugs off our garden! Their poo is some amazing fertilizer, and they are going to be a part of our animal family now!
We went with three different breeds of chicken, the Rhode Island Red, which we named Wilma...

The Golden Sex Link, which we named Ethel...

And, finally, we got a Barred Rock, which we named Mabel...

We begin starting the build real soon. We just cleared away the area designated for the chickens and are very excited! Start saving those egg cartons for me, because we will start producing 750 eggs annually next year! Come hungry!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grand Theft Auto 3!

So I was kinda bored with my computer games, and started to rummage through some old things. I stumbled upon my copy of GTA 3 for the PC! I was stoked, I love this game...

Time flies when you play this game...BEWARE! I had a lot of fun with it, but alas, I beat it...Onto GTA: Vice City!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kinda funny, but will get funnier through time!

We like to take pictures when we do a road trip. One of the things I always have Trox do, is take a picture of me driving, and then I snap one of her sitting shotgun.

I could only find Trox taking a picture of me on our way to the coast for our honeymoon.

These were taken on our way up to Cascadia to swim in the amazing and refreshing waters in those areas.

These were taken on our way to South Beach, near Newport, with Seth and Gina. That was a fucking awesome night...

And finally, a reposting of the pictures taken for the Muse show...

I thought I had us take more pictures this way, but scanning through all the digital pictures, I only found these precious few. I will, however, be starting to be more faithful in remembering to take these photos every trip we go on.

Hurry up, Spring!

I was looking over some of my old posts from last year, and I was thinking how much warmer it was this same time last year. Damnit, hurry up, Spring!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

MGMT, Steve Miller, and Who Knows...

So, MGMT tickets at the Crystal Ballroom just went up for sale...That was a no brainer! I was just saying to Trox that whenever they played I would get them, and this fell into my lap! Shit, I am real excited about this show. They are playing June 1st and 2nd. I bought tickets for the first night!

Also, a few days ago, I bought tickets for the Steve Miller Band show at Edgefield! Holy shit, a rock legend that I can check off on my list. He has played Edgefield the last couple of years, and I just couldn't pass another year. How much longer can the Space Cowboy ascend?
The summer always brings amazing shows, and I have some good ones coming. Who knows what other shows are upcoming!?!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Man, oh man!

So the show was phenomenal! We got there a little early, so we headed to McMenamin's Pub near the Lloyd Mall and shared a gyro and a coffee and beer.

We hung out a little longer than we probly should have. Silversun Pickups were good, but we didn't really care. I would imagine opening up for Muse is almost as bad as opening for Slayer, I wanted to boo them so we could get Muse going NOW!

Seriously...Silversun Pickups rocked, though.

When Muse started their set it was already a knock out. Besides the mind burning two and a half hour set, the song list was amazing!

The stage was too cool. Shit, besides these pictures you can also go to my YouTube ( page for the videos...

Rock on!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

M U S E !

Last December we went to Seattle and saw Muse, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, and others at the Deck the Hall Ball 2009 show. It was amazing, but by the time Muse came on, we were exhausted from the trip and the thousands of fans pressing against us to get closer.
So, I bought their Rose Garden show as soon as they went up for sale in January. Its gonna be so cool! I have never been inside the Rose Garden before, and I just can't wait. I hope to take a lot of video and pictures for later.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Greedo Weighs In...

Well, we have had our tortoise for a few months now. I just started to notice he is getting a little bigger! It got me thinking that I should start some sort of log on his growth through the years.

With this in mind, I took our food scale, reset the scale after getting a container, and set him in. He weighs in at a hearty 1.6 ounces! We then measured the length of his shell, and it came in at 2 1/4 inches long! RAWR!