Monday, June 21, 2010

Silkie Radventure!

Well, like the others before them, we let the silkie chicks run around outside on their one month birthday. They had quite a nice time running around, digging up worms, and snacking on bits of this and that. The older ones still peck at the silkie's necks and bottoms, but I think they are kinda getting used to one another. I took a section of chicken wire and ran it across part of the hen house, sectioning off enough space for everyone to be happy, but still get to know each other. I hope that works out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coop Partying!

Well the summer solstice party was kinda weird. First off, the last ten minutes before Seth and Gina showed up it started to rain, hard! That was sorta the scene for the rest of the night. It would rain hard, slack off, then rain hard again! Everyone made the best of it, though. We had a kick ass Douglas Fir fire, the only kind I like to make, and it lasted through all the downpour and chaos.

We, however, needed a dry place to drink and party, so we decided to cram into the coop and watch and listen to the rain beat down while we chugged Hamm's and Pabst. The rest of the night was pretty cool, we all hung out and drank, and talked about stuff.

Trox and I have been getting up a lot earlier than we used to lately, and we sure felt tired by the night's end. I passed out not very long after hitting the pillow...

Friday, June 18, 2010


We have been cleaning the backyard up, and its been a tough job in some parts of the yard. One dark corner had been growing English ivy and blackberry bushes since we moved in, we didn't get to it last year for some reason. The ivy came up real easy, in one big mat of ivy and blackberry, I just rolled up all the vegetation. I started to call it Wad after awhile. Here is a picture of me and Wad:

We threw Wad on a hot bed of coals and burned the shit out it to ashes. Fun.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Seven Bro Army.

On our camping adventure in Moose Lake, in the middle of the night of our fun, Dan Kohler took his head lamp, which had both red and white light, and took these sweet pictures with no flash on. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time Continues to Fly By...

The weather has not improved much these past few weeks, so the coop is still not finished...It really just needs the final coat of paint, and the chicken wire attached to the outside. It looks so awesome to have it all primed and gleaming! Our four new chickens are getting bigger by the day, and I can't wait to have them out of our spare bathroom, and into their home.
I wonder how difficult it will be to assimilate the babies into the existing flock...we are going to section off the hen house into two separate areas. That way they are always in direct line of sight for awhile. I will try and let them all free range, to see if they start to merge together, and it may go quickly. The Silkies are one of the most docile of breeds, so who knows?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Silly Me, Let Me Introduce Pickle!

I forgot to get the blog started on our newest feline addition! We had a tough time naming the new little guy, but I believe Troxy has settled in with Pickle. I love the name, and the little shit is fun to watch terrorize the house.
We got him the same day we got the new Silkie chicks, and he was said to be nine weeks old, so I hope the little dude has a good time here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Four More Added to the Flock.

We had been searching online about getting more chickens for the flock before the ones we got were too much older. We were even going to drive into Washington today to get a breed of chicken named a Polish:

The lady called me soon after we arranged a time to meet and said her flock was starting to die, and said we wouldn't be meeting after all, she didn't feel comfortable selling possibly sick chickens.
I went on Craigslist, and found a listing here in Newberg for Silkie chicks! These are almost as exotic looking as the Polish if not more. We purchased four chicks and we are most excited! They are all straight run, unknown sexes, but we can't wait to see these birds grow to their full grandeur.
They hatched on May 20th, so they are only three weeks behind our current ladies. I hope they are accepted by our older ones, and that we have a nice big happy flock for years to come...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We started our evening driving to downtown and getting a bite to eat at the McMenamin's on the ground floor level, Ringler's.

We were kinda bummed when we went to go wait for the doors to open, the line was getting pretty long, when this guy came up to us and said, "Hey, come to the twenty-one and older door to get in."

We walked around the other side of the building, showed our ID's and then went into the venue! We had talked about going up into the balcony of the Ballroom, so we could have a nice relaxing rock experience. It worked, it was relaxed, but we also felt it was hard to get into the music as much as when you are in the crowd, getting pushed about.

The show was awesome! I don't know who the first band was, I believe it was Tame Impala, but to be honest, I didn't even care. I just wanted to see MGMT. I posted all the videos I took on my YouTube account, I think the camera did a pretty good job of getting the band all the way up on the stage. Trox and I had a good rocking time.