Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Garden fresh!

So, the garden plot we worked so hard on a few months ago was a bust! Just not enough sun reached the area because of the dense tree cover.

However, we have been getting awesome results with the garden in front of the deck. Tons of sunlight is constantly pouring over our plants, and the squash and cucumber plants soak it up. The pumpkin plants are huge and eggplant are soon to follow in abundance. I love this shit!

The kids are back!

My cousin Jake is back from fishing in Alaska for the summer. He brought Pixie and Cassius with him, and we have been hanging out. Always a funny thing having kids at the house.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh yeah....Aerosmith

So, we didn't get to see Aerosmith. Steven Tyler got hurt on the tour and they had to cancel the rest of the shows...I get my money back no problem, but damn it, I am disappointed!
If they do another tour soon, and if I have the funds, we will still get to see them preform...


Trox and I went up to Cascadia to go swimming a few days ago. So awesome up there, but the water was COLD this time! We still eased our bodies into the water and swam from Wolf Creek to the Cascade State Park. One of the coolest things to do ever!