Saturday, July 25, 2009


I should have written about my Cascadia trip with my buddy, Seth, as soon as I got home, but I have been lazy. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful couple of days to spend in the woods. The river was warm and inviting, and we made sure to swim as much as we could. I didn't get alot of pictures, unfortunately, but the memory remains.
My buddy Seth did get a few more pics then I did. He also got some rather humorous videos of us while we attempted a hike that was out of my league. I think my legs are still a little sore!
Anyway, I always enjoy my time up there, and can't wait to get back up in the woods. It always feels so peaceful to be out in the forest among the trees, pondering life.
We headed up to my buddy Seth's Dad's place before we headed back to Portland, and that was a lot of fun. Mike and his lady friend, Nan, showed us around the garden they got done this year and it was really inspiring for me. I realized that day that gardening takes time...years! You can't get it done in one season, it just takes time to get the things done you want.
It was a great holiday and thanks to Seth for making it happen!

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