Monday, December 21, 2009

Great show

The drive up to Seattle was rainy and uneventful. We made it into Seattle with plenty of time left, so we went to the Pyramid Brewery to grab a meal and some awesome 9% beers that tasted amazing!

The show was awesome! We decided to lose our minds and go up front to get a good view. Visqueen was the first band, and they were good. Vampire Weekend was next, and their set was great.

Then Phoenix performed, and they were actually pretty good too. The energy went up a notch when they played.

Metric was next. Trox and I both agreed these Seattle heroes weren't very good.

Then Thirty Seconds to Mars played. I gotta say they were pretty awesome. I think they played with the most passion and energy of any of the bands that night.

The crowd started to get crazy because Muse made us all wait forty-five minutes before showing up...

So, Trox and I had to get out of there, and we listened to Muse's set farther back. The camera doesn't like to take a good picture in the best of environments, so no photos of Muse. The show was great, all the bands rocked hard.

The drive home was ROUGH! I was so tired, but we made it home and passed out, ears still ringing.

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