Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chanterelle Heaven

On Thursday, my buddy Seth and I took off into the woods to go mushroom hunting. It was an awesome time in the woods with the rain coming down on us. I forgot to bring the camera, but the weather was so cool, sideways rain, and a chill wind added to the appeal of the day.
We went in search of the most tasty of fungi, the Chanterelle mushroom, and we found success at each stop, some patches were bigger than the others, but a few could always be gathered.
After a stretch, we decided to head the last miles to the coast for a beer and a walk on the beach. The walk was cold and wet, and amazing! The sea was rolling and crashing with turbulent waves, our clothes instantly wet with the misty rain coming down.
Once our beers were consumed and our bones were warmed, we set out again in search of the delicious mushrooms in the woods. Our last effort was thwarted by darkness, but we found our biggest patches of gold for the day at the last moment! Caring a huge bag of amazing tasting mushrooms home felt so good!
We set out to begin eating them instantly, and I began washing and prepping the mushrooms. It was an awesome day, and I thank my buddy Seth for taking me out there, showing me what to look for and driving us around the beautiful Oregon woods, to wonder about stuff...

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