Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brandon, Stephen King, and the Bob White Theatre.

Just a few thoughts. First off, Brandon is doing some amazing drawings in his classes (http://breaklightfailure.blogspot.com/). I don't want to even try to attempt a self portrait...He rocks at them as well. I admire his dedication to stay motivated in school. Learning what you want in life is important, I feel.

Been reading alot of Stephen King lately. It feels great to be reading again. I had to kind of stop reading a little bit after quiting smoking cigarettes. Collateral damage for a nasty habit. I always feel so comfortable reading his novels. I am almost done reading the entire collection. So good.

I am planning on heading to the former Bob White Theatre in SE Portland to check out the area. I have been doing alot of research on the Internet, and I have become fascinated with the idea of seeing the inside of the building. I have heard its been gutted from its original glory, but here is a picture of the inside in its hay day:

This is one of the only pictures I have found of the outside of the building now days:

Anyway, I want to see about getting a look inside, and I will take tons of pictures if I am allowed. I guess the eccentric previous owner of the property passed away. Who knows what something like that could be worth...750,000 or more? It's located at SE 65th and Foster, and I really hope I can get inside, let alone start thinking financially what we would be eligible for...

Probably all just a pipe dream, but I like to think about what could be.


  1. First off, Stephen King is the man.
    Secondly, I wonder what the inside of the place looks like? Would be cool to see all the molding and what not in good condition.
    Thirdly, what would you use the space for? Music Venue, Stephen King shrine?

    and lastly, yes you can use my likeness on the front of the building. This alone will draw crowds from every corner of the earth...
    I hope you dont mind being rich!

  2. I have toured and taken pictures of the inside of the Bob White Theatre. I'm organizing a "Save Bob!" campaign. Interested? Steve