Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Victory Garden!

This year for our vegetable garden, we thought we would get a head start on the planting and make our own plant starts. With the indoor garden area, it is actually working pretty well.

Our first attempt, we over watered, and killed alot of the root systems of the first batch of seeds. With the second attempt, the moisture is almost 100%, and the soil temperature is in the ninety degree range. Already we are seeing new seedling growth in the lettuce!

Oh yeah, the real reason I got so motivated to build the indoor garden area! These clones are doing pretty good, but the front one is the runt, and it is infested with pests. This has been a non stop struggle in the grow area, and it is the biggest hurdle in keeping healthy plants. We also get white flies from the soil we buy at the store. I am hoping that after this generation is done, to start over fresh, and have pest free production from here on out.

These are the current ladies that reside in the flower side of the grow area. This generation of clones I decided to utilize the "sea of green" growing method. You create a canopy of growth that soaks up every square inch of illumination from the 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium bulb. I am very pleased with the budding that has formed and I think I have just eight or nine weeks to harvest!

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