Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Coop Build.

Well after a few days of research and soul searching, we came up with a design for our ladies' home. We dug and leveled the ground around a 6' by 10' area and then laid sand and paver stones down for the foundation.

We went to Home Depot and got a lot of our lumber cut small enough to fit it all in the car, and then we made some cuts at home. In order to make real nice cuts, we bought a circular saw and we built saw horses out of some pallets I got from work. We bought a piece of plywood for fifty-one cents, and used it to finish up the project, so I am kinda proud of our two saw horses for under a dollar!

After we got all the wood cut to size, it was starting to get late. We decided to call it for the night, and have our first twilight camp fire of the year!

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