Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, in preparation for the Moose Lake hike, I had been doing an aerobic exercise program that consisted of a lot of leg and ab exercises. I am so glad I did, because without it, I might have actually had a leg muscle blowout or something.
After coming back though, I didn't really feel like working out, but I still wanted to continue exercising daily. My buddy Seth and I had been talking about his new found love of jogging and it got me kinda fired up to try. The route I am starting with is a 1.3 mile run up and down a few hills and loops back around to my house. I am only on the second day of this jogging experiment, but who knows...

I would like to do some more hiking this summer and I am starting to do some research on a place I can go with my wife and see some of nature's beauty. Hopefully this jogging thing will help me have a fun hiking summer.

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