Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coop Partying!

Well the summer solstice party was kinda weird. First off, the last ten minutes before Seth and Gina showed up it started to rain, hard! That was sorta the scene for the rest of the night. It would rain hard, slack off, then rain hard again! Everyone made the best of it, though. We had a kick ass Douglas Fir fire, the only kind I like to make, and it lasted through all the downpour and chaos.

We, however, needed a dry place to drink and party, so we decided to cram into the coop and watch and listen to the rain beat down while we chugged Hamm's and Pabst. The rest of the night was pretty cool, we all hung out and drank, and talked about stuff.

Trox and I have been getting up a lot earlier than we used to lately, and we sure felt tired by the night's end. I passed out not very long after hitting the pillow...

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