Friday, July 9, 2010

A Lot of Time Has Gone By...

Wow, we have been so busy! The last week my parents have been visiting from Alaska. It's been a lot of fun having them here with us. They came right when the weather started to really feel like summer!

The first few days they were here, I had to work. We still found time to go pick strawberries and make tasty jam!

I took some time off so that I would have time to hang out and get a lot of yard work done with my dad being here. He loves doing big chores with me around the house!
The first day of my vacation, on Tuesday, we got to tree falling! We went around Newberg looking for a come along winch, and got some supplies to finish up the chicken coop in Sherwood. We got everything we needed to get to work. We started by me gearing up with the tree climbing gear, getting the chainsaw ready, then I climbed the pine tree that had been on our list to take down for some time. The wind was really strong and getting further up, the tree swayed too much for my liking and I came down. We decided to finish it on Friday.

We moved on by taking down two real big cherry trees. One was in my yard, inside the fence, blocking too much sun for our garden. My dad did the cuts and they were taken down right were we wanted them with the help and use of the come along winch.

It was a long, hot day of clearing brush and kicking ass!
On Wednesday, we went up to Kent, Washington to visit my brother, Nathan, and his wife, Allison. We checked out their animals, and stuff, then decided to head up to Seattle for the day to check out the Pike Place Market area. It was really awesome to go an take our time and browse some cool shops and check out some unique things. We headed home and went to bed, the weather was so hot when we got back to Newberg, everyone was zapped of energy.
Thursday, we went to the coast to have some fun at the beach. We heard it was suppose to get to 96 or even up to 100 degrees in Newberg that afternoon, but looking at the coast weather, it was a cool 65 or lower. Getting to the coast we saw that the forecast was fairly accurate. The coastline was foggy from the cool Pacific. It was almost too cool for shorts! We made lunch and walked the beach, checking out things!

I posted some great soothing wave videos, go trance out... When we got back, we started a campfire, and Trox, Dad, and I listened to music all night by the fire.

Friday was time to take down the pine. I got up early and geared up, climbed the tree and took it down. Again, the video speaks for itself. It was scary and fun as always.

We cleared some brush and even started a burn pile that got the fire department called on us! So far its been an awesome vacation!

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