Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mechanics BeWARE!

Well, we were on our way to my buddy Seth's house for a sweet, sweet barbecue, when the car felt real funny! We turned around, decided to go to Seth's anyway, then turned around again, as the problem was getting worse.
We stopped at a Jiffy Lube, the only place open still, and the guy checked it out, but said it was a dealership problem, maybe four to five hundred bucks! Jiffy Lube is about two miles from my house and traveling that far almost overheated the engine. We decided we were stuck until we could find out what to do next.
The next day, I called a the closest dealership, and it was indeed going to cost a lot of money to tow and repair the vehicle.
We had an idea of what the problem was, so I called my old boss, Dave, to see if we could use his tools for the job. He did us one better, and let us borrow his truck for the night to go get the new parts and all the tools we needed for the job.
We started by taking the wheel and splash guard off, which gave us access to the bottom motor mount to the tensioner, which was the issue.

After getting the S-Belt off, we took the upper mount off, and replaced that bad boy. Trox did a lot of the work and it was great to see her get in there and kick ass.

We took it for a test drive, and it ran like new! We felt so satisfied and accomplished getting it done ourselves. Maybe we won't even get our oil changed at the businesses.

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