Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lost Lake, the Next Week!

Well, we just got back from another amazing adventure in the woods! We drove around for a time, trying to see if any spots were open, and almost everything was filled to the brim. We wanted to be by the water, but all those were snatched early.

We ended up at the exact same camp spot as before, in Lost Lake! It was pretty awesome there, as always, and we set up camp fast because we had all been talking about swimming all day. We even went all the way up to Gordon Lakes to see about camping and swimming, but the Lakes are not the best for swimming. Since Big Lake is just a few miles up from Lost Lake, we took some road beers and headed out for a swim.
The swimming was so awesome! Last week, Brandon, Seth, and I swam there, I couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards. We had to go back, and back we did go. We swam awhile longer than before, and it was so much fun. I really enjoy it up there.
Camping is always a delight, and the conversations are engaging and jovial. Whenever I go into the woods, I feel so relaxed and I can let my mind wander.
Last week at Lost Lake there were tons of small toads at the shore. This week there were hardly any. We decided to head down the road to the end of the campsites, where we heard a bubbling creek. My buddy Seth was in the lead and before he took a step down, I saw a ton of movement underneath. I warned him and we stepped back to see thousands of the little guys, migrating their way to the sweet double creek ahead.

We stayed there for awhile and on the way back, Gina, Trox, and I smelled a peculiar odor coming from the shoulder of the road. We glanced at each other, and started to giggle because the smell resembled, uh, jizz.

I still don't now what these plants are, but they are nasty smelling, we all kept smelling them, and getting grossed out! What the hell are those things!
It was a great trip, and I always look forward to the next time...

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  1. oh I was up there a few days before you guys, I bet those are the plants I jizzed all over...