Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Am Iron Mountain...

Where to begin! This last Thursday, Seth took me, Trox, and Brandon out to the cascades to have an awesome adventure! We ended up staying at a campsite in the Lost Lake area. The campsite was awesome. The sites are spread out enough so that you never really even see anyone else camping.
Before we got setup for the camp, however, we had spent a good part of the day hiking around some cool areas. We started out heading up Iron Mountain. This hike was too cool. The area is very unique due to changes in one of the last ice ages, it maintained a diverse wild flower population that was a wonder to behold! This article my buddy Seth gave me, really explains the wonder of Iron Mountain,!

After we had set up camp, we were grimy and ready to swim! We waded into Lost Lake, but it never reached above our waists, and it was a muddy mess! After we got out, we decided to head up to Big Lake, just a few miles up the road. Trox stayed at camp to watch the stuff and examine the wildlife, but Brandon, Seth and I swam in Big Lake for a bit. It was so cool to be swimming around these mountain tops at over 4500 elevation! The water was amazing, and it felt so good to go swimming again!
We got back started to really get to it, had some drinks and food, waiting for it to get dark. The real reason we had come out was to check out the peak of a meteor shower! There were not as many meteors as I had hoped there would be, but the ones we saw were so cool looking. We would chat at the lake's shore, hanging out, when a meteor would soar across the sky, we would all stop and go "Aaaaaaaah" or "whoooooa". It was a great night. Thanks again to my buddy Seth, for setting it all up in the first place!

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