Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My New Guitar!

I have been really excited about playing music lately... Trox has started to teach me musical theory and she is also giving me piano lessons! It has really fired me up. So, I decided with a portion of my tax return, I would finally go and buy myself a real nice guitar. After getting my tax shit done, I researched for what I would get as my baby. I came real close to a Telecaster '72 Reissue Deluxe, came real close . However, in the end, the Epiphone SG G-400 Custom won me over. The three humbucker pickup is too cool, and the sound is awesome. At first I was worried, but the strings were new, and had to be broken in. Which I did! I played all night, and had a blast. The tone is sweet clean, and with the overdrive pedal, it blasts! I am real glad I got this guitar. Here is the write up from the Epiphone website:

Elegant and powerful, the classic three pickup SG lives on in stunning detail - even down to the “Les Paul” script at the end of the fingerboard. Our G-400 Custom features three powerful Alnico Classic Humbucking pickups like the original but we’ve added even more flexibility with individual bridge, middle and neck volume controls to allow for infinite blending combinations.

Finally, a few pictures of my axe! Look at Trox rockin' out!

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