Monday, June 20, 2011

Wow, Time Flies!

It is crazy, but true. I have been working at Whole Foods for almost two months now, and it has been great. I am working steady hours, and the work environment is totally cool.
ALL my free time has been spent rocking our garden areas and trying to reseed the yard. The chicken meat bird experiment last winter was awesome, but we learned that they will eat the grass bare in those scare months. It was good to get a clean slate, but tilling the soil two to four inches deep is a lot of work. The summer weather has been pure crap so far, so been a little discouraged with all the work put into getting new garden plots put in.
With some help from my folks we payed an Arborist to fall this rotting maple tree on our property, which was also blocking quite a bit of sunshine to our back yard. It's nice to see a new back yard view.
Finally, I will blog more soon, but my computer has been "getting fixed" for almost two months now from a friend, and it has disconnected me from my usual computer activities...I have a ton of pictures to post from our yard reconstruction the past few months, so stayed tune, I know all you followers are anxious to see!

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