Friday, April 30, 2010

Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

In our case, it is the chicken...more specifically, three chickens! We had been talking for quite awhile about getting a coop built and start having our own farm fresh eggs...Each year we move closer to our goal of self sustaining our own food supply. We thought a coop would be a great start in getting into farm animal food supplies. I had looked into goats, or rabbits, etc. and chickens are by far the easiest and best supply of food.
I also did quite a bit of research on coop designs. Trox and I both felt the one below fit our needs, style, and budget. The people who posted this coop design live near Seattle, so it should fit nicely here in Newberg.

There are a lot of added bonuses beyond the egg production, the biggest of all is helping to keep bugs off our garden! Their poo is some amazing fertilizer, and they are going to be a part of our animal family now!
We went with three different breeds of chicken, the Rhode Island Red, which we named Wilma...

The Golden Sex Link, which we named Ethel...

And, finally, we got a Barred Rock, which we named Mabel...

We begin starting the build real soon. We just cleared away the area designated for the chickens and are very excited! Start saving those egg cartons for me, because we will start producing 750 eggs annually next year! Come hungry!

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