Friday, April 9, 2010

Kinda funny, but will get funnier through time!

We like to take pictures when we do a road trip. One of the things I always have Trox do, is take a picture of me driving, and then I snap one of her sitting shotgun.

I could only find Trox taking a picture of me on our way to the coast for our honeymoon.

These were taken on our way up to Cascadia to swim in the amazing and refreshing waters in those areas.

These were taken on our way to South Beach, near Newport, with Seth and Gina. That was a fucking awesome night...

And finally, a reposting of the pictures taken for the Muse show...

I thought I had us take more pictures this way, but scanning through all the digital pictures, I only found these precious few. I will, however, be starting to be more faithful in remembering to take these photos every trip we go on.

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