Sunday, April 4, 2010

Man, oh man!

So the show was phenomenal! We got there a little early, so we headed to McMenamin's Pub near the Lloyd Mall and shared a gyro and a coffee and beer.

We hung out a little longer than we probly should have. Silversun Pickups were good, but we didn't really care. I would imagine opening up for Muse is almost as bad as opening for Slayer, I wanted to boo them so we could get Muse going NOW!

Seriously...Silversun Pickups rocked, though.

When Muse started their set it was already a knock out. Besides the mind burning two and a half hour set, the song list was amazing!

The stage was too cool. Shit, besides these pictures you can also go to my YouTube ( page for the videos...

Rock on!

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